tonight the parking lot is a boxing ring - the wall and me - back down to the problem at hand, a broken hand. tonight was the last night we fight. did you go and hurt your hand? the brickwall will always win...


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blogger gave me gonorrhea

enetation gave me syphillis
wxxx Thursday, March 04, 2004

i probably said something like "you can cry all you want..." or should have, and you probably responded with a brisk goodnight and i listened to the dial tone for a good long hour. i was embarrased and hung up slowly, hoping no one had just seen any of this happen, and trying to deceive anyone who had. i listened until my mom picked up, thinking the phone was broken and asking it hello umpteen times as if it'd change anything. i fell asleep and tried to show off my best features, or the ones that looked best in this lighting, so if you walked in you'd notice. i gripped my cellphone and the dog you gave me hoping you'd notice that, too. but you never came and you never do and it's not your fault because you know it never is, and thats not your fault either but it should be someone's and i know it isn't mine. all the narcotics and pity and witty-oneliners-about-violence-or-how-i-don't-need-you in the world wont save this feeling. no one wants it. not even DJ Backseat at the union station metro stop who begs for anything and takes everything. but not without a subtle "god bless". but you know he's cursing your mother under his breath.

fuck you and your mothers and whatever you fucking think..

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wxxx Thursday, December 18, 2003

test driving lj. hit that up.


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wxxx Sunday, December 14, 2003

"You wake one morning to discover that your house is being redecorated, your wife is missing, your car is being towed and the producers are on your front door step waiting to tell you that your life has been cancelled due to poor Neilson ratings."

my insulting name is extra-chromosome special, and i'd be much obliged if you'd pronounce extra, extree. thank you. [i stole the thing from lauren, so go there and steal it from her, too!]

harmony korine has another movie out, another one she actually directed so it won't suck like Kids almost did. oh oh oh!!! im so thrilled about it. julien donkey boy here i come. [pass the bitch chicken also appears rather appealling] also, harmony appears to be a male, which isn't awesome because this means nate is right and thusly, i am wrong.

so yeah, i came to work today. hopefully they will be impressed with my dedication and snow trudging and, i dont know, hook me up with free TVs or a christmas bonus. whichever. but NO one will come in today and NO appointments will be scheduled and there is NO reason for me to be here but im dedicated.

in the mcdonalds drivethru today me mam got curious as to what would happen if she opened the sun roof. there was an astronomical amount of snow on the roof resulting in said astronomical amount of snow falling to the deep dark depths of my lap. well, poopdamn.

sara made cinnamon covered pecans last night and they looked like creamed corn. but they tasted good if you closed yr eyes.

sometimes people say things anonymously and i automatically assume theyre directed towards me and then i think about what hypocrites they are. i mean. sorry? [cover your motherfucking bases]]

saw the play at high point and was extremely disgusted that it was the ONE play that has ever traumatized me. but it wasnt as bad as the last time i saw it, when i was a wee lad. ::shudders::

however, i just chewed and swallowed three pieces of big red in two minutes. this could [or could not] be getting out of hand. i have an obsession with cinnamon. the first step is admitting you have a problem.

i bought gallagher's stuck in the 60's video last night and when i get home im going to be in the money. the... gallagher type money.

now there's hope! -- " Its tubas for breakfast, tubas for supper and tubas for lunch." [i really like the way these people think/]

Every sentence is punctuated with "Dude!"; every night is punctuated by a bottle of Buckfast and a cheap joint.

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wxxx Friday, December 12, 2003

oh i am so metal. watch me go. watch me go.

but Tchaikovsky had the news
he said let there be light and there was light, let there be soundand there was sound, let there be drums and there was drums let there be guittar and there was guitar-- LET THERE BE ROCk2l..3,.m242;33krn!

aye aye captain tchaikovsky. \m/

oh oh oh! outback steakhouse here i come. [wowowow!]

hahah! dead lady dead lady.

ohohoh!!! jeffrey and i made a movie for my RP and it was about the coefficient of variation of poop or M&M's, one or the other and it was fun and i showed it to my class and they were all, "what?" and then patted me on the head and were all "awww" and then they gave me diseases and syndromes and dandruff and stuff. i mean, what?

PSH. like IIII need aloniz? i think not, im entertaining enough, and WHITE too. i mean, me times 6 plus a piano = aloniz [and some pretty difficult math], right? i mean. work just gets in the way. i dont mean to cause a scene or anything.

the likes of jesse and steve and a plethora of others make me days fun. and this is authentically nice.

oh, and comment too.

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well. sara's home and it's me mams bday and stuffs looking better for everyone, really. i mean, im worried about a lot of people, but i really just can't let that get to me. being at work seems like such a waste of time when i have so many important people in my life. but i know i will never be satisfied with just that. why am i talking about this shit?

it makes me sad when people get upset about school, because really, why should it matter? i dont know. maybe some people have assy parents. it's not as stressful as i used to think. but its also not as fun as i used to let it be.

"everybody do a dance. lets have some chocolate... happiness for everyone.. all the way around. .. hey.. wait.. what are you doing with that baseball bat?? WAIT! NO!" [so i took this ATHF which character are you test and i got flex masta shake and no, im not posting the huge fucking picture all over the internet or the goddamn link so you can get your greasy paws all over it. you might spill crumbs on it, too, which could be lethal]]

i got me mam some poinsettas and put em on the kitchen table and she didnt even notice. yeah, and i also fell out of her 'gina 17 years ago and she didn't notice that until about 3 weeks later. boohoo.

I love it that all the other workers at my work do a shitty job and make me look good. it really just makes me not have to work hard. they love me <3. Sunday 6am = little white angel boogers fall from the sky onto the roads = no work= the shit.

christmas "bonus" update: well, there's no update because I HAVEN'T FUCKING RECIEVED IT YET> 2uh2 i3rhwelrne! read the coupons, meaning my lips.

i have really run out of thoughts to think. i dont care if im interesting or not. ::jumps up and down on the hood of yr car, hopefully denting some stuff::

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wxxx Tuesday, December 09, 2003


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wxxx Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i just got my pseudo boss in pseudo big trouble and that stresses me out a whole lot more than you can imagine. really, i just. cant believe i let myself fall into this trap. she had been telling me everytime i come in, "emily, be careful of people, they'll walk all over you, just keep your eyes open and your mouth shut." and i didnt. and it just, is going to get her in a lot of trouble. and the results wont be good for me either. i mean, if this job makes one more wrong move, that's it, really. I fucking hate the so-called "real world." i just, i didn't know.

i have such good ideas for some people for christmas and it sure wouldve been nice if i had gotten my paycheck this week. but I mean, hey, thats how it goes down.

December 3--This is the right moment, dear Pisces, to extricate yourself from relationships that you feel have seen their day. This won't be easy to do, but you must. In both your professional and private life, you are too hesitant to get out of situations or obligations that are distasteful to you. You are afraid of hurting people or of making them mad. But, in the end, you are hurting yourself. Give more importance to your own needs, and follow your own path.
lately, ive been realizing how close to the end it is and really. it's been the end for a while now. i wish that this was common knowledge and we could avoid a whole lot of bullshit and just smile and nod and know that it's the right thing to do. it doesn't make sense to make an ordeal. and really, it just wouldn't make any sense. i cringe at your touch and your reaction and i dont know which i'd rather hate. rest assured, regret is in the cards. all i can do is hope that you understand. but you won't and that's okay but then again... we could carry this on for so much longer. just say the word.

i really just have so much going on and i can't help any of the things i do or feel.

big shout out to marjorie because i am unintentionally mean to her a lot of the time and i want her to know i really dont mean it and im glad she still writes me things.

"good afternoon, a jack hyman is on line 5000,a mr. hyman is on 5000, thank you" --me over the PA. hyman. hah.

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wxxx Friday, November 28, 2003

things i am not thankful for==
+this work-induced headache
+having so many plans and then none
+the vacation being over when im just getting started
+having 3 bucks for the next week
+your addictions and how they are addictive
+certain folks who are obsessed with an anti-obsession
+18 and over shows
+how i could save so much time if all the 10 calls i had recieved today were back to back, the time in between being wasted on this headache.
+my sister outside my office, thinking shes cute by ramming some remote control car into the door
+being busy without really having anything to do, but really just not having time.
+economics homework i vowed to complete by 5
+people who bitch about the men's room key being pink
+the company party and how i feel pressured to attend when really, why would i?
+other parties i feel pressured to attend when really, why would i?
+AFI fans being such dicks [AFI too, for that matter]
+the words achieve retrieve relieve and recieve for being such dicks.
+cameras because they never work for me {avoid jokes about how i broke them with my face] but i wouldn't be able to capture anything original anyway.
+how i really really don't need you and you really really don't need me when it all comes down to whatever it comes down to. [but isn't it nice to pretend?]]

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Gracie, we're makin babies, yea, we're barefoot on the tiles
[your kids are fucking in your garbage ]]

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wxxx Monday, November 24, 2003

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wxxx Sunday, November 23, 2003

i did everything i could but you were to busy rearranging your prejudices to notice. please, just once, make the bed yourself. just try to see that you are what i'd live through for nothing. but i deserve more than nothing. [Oh we're so very precious, you and i- And everything that you do makes me want to die]] you might [or might not] have done this to me. I want to shake the city from your arms.

this "Vacation" has been such shit so far, really/
st andrews on december5. laurie will be there.<3

Nathan Ate the Last Box of Crayons
Two lungs aren't enough
I need eleven lungs

umm.. there was a fire across from school friday night in an apartment building and it was real sad. I really dont know why we went there.

marjorie dances realll pretty for me and i enjoy it a whole lot and then we have REAL deep discussions about. you know. at the show i forget a lot of what happened. There was this one band with a twelve year old playing guitar and it blew my mind because... well, really, i think it was just the strobe light blowing my mind. fireworks and cat tail fluff ensued? as did drew dancing in a thomas the tank engine costume. listened to orchid and jerome and marsvolta a lot when i got home because... i could, but i wasn't in the mood.

"sorry the soft kid wasn't dead from the start, but we are killing california," I said. "yeah johnny! that's the ticket" here's your fucking one-liner
[[I'm A Fufucking Vavavampire ]]

Heven't applied to college or anything yet. This just make my life that much more exciting. really, i dont know why im avoiding it and im not even really sure theres a deeper reason than me just being lazy. and the cat turned to smoke

yesterday i went to dc with brendan and jeffrey and eventually anna and... it was alright but i just want in a good mood and my camera broke so i couldn't take pixers with them and... i dont know, it was fine.
saw exxxtreme hacksackage and left anna on the red line.

let's have a show of hands
who's enjoying themselves
i know i am

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wxxx Wednesday, November 19, 2003

today... I bought a brick of pickles for fifty cents.

I saw these two boys walking together to school and they were walking close together and for a second, i thought they were this kid in my japanese class i hate. he really is just that fat. i thought he was two people. my "bad".

gas stations are the breeding grounds for the foulest, bad, and... just... BAD people and they make me wanna get loose with the deuce deuce.

"Are you really going to tell me that bad-boy Colin Farrell has never once dined on chicken-fried baby? My IQ may be 87, but I'm not stupid.
Because when you really stop and think about it, who are the people most likely to eat babies? The people who can get away with it, right? And in this country, who get away with whatever they want? Celebrities. Ergo, if baby-legs are being dusted in flour and fried over medium heat (and I'm not saying they are), best check the 90210 zip code to hear the sizzle.
Consider, for example, Regis Philbin. Avuncular, jocular, good-hearted Regis Philbin. Who would ever suspect him of being a closet baby-eater? Nobody. Which is exactly my point.
" -MIB

Yesterday, my keys were stolen by someone who will remain unnamed for the love of her jokes about my mother, and ONLY MY mother.

<3 kim for serenading me with every 2gether song ever made<3

check this. tomorrow i have an appointment to talk with a man who is completely bald. i actually needed an appointment, thats how high in demand they are. this is a first for me guys, be excited.

FACT! they make soy balloons. for.... vegetarian seagulls?

met this kid matt groves. we discussed bowie. bowie people sure do love bowie and discussions regarding it. i know I do. In one night, i saw this kids nipples upwards of 8 times. i lined up all the trash in his basement and he gave me chocolate monies.

"It turns out white men indeed *can* jump. In other news, Woody Harrelson reaches for his bong." -news
"woman has stroke, ends up with british accent"

DVDs to purchase.
-Twillight zone
-monsieur show
-young ones
-do they have one for the state?
-the jungle one...
why are they so ugly and expensive? ::watches flubber instead::

i want some really hot salsa and tortilla chips.

people with "corpse lists" are just better than people with "hit lists"-- no contest.

aisling is my lab partner and she does this awesome impression of mrs vincent, and uses the word snafu and everything.

guys, i really am stressed out. a whole lot

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wxxx Sunday, November 09, 2003

OKAY. it's been a week my friends, and a long one at that. i really cant remember back farther than thursday. I went to patuxent after school and my mentor said she had been trying to reach me and that she didn't want to play with me, but this being a democracy, I said sign these legal documents... blindfolded, and she obliged. Now i own her business, family, life savings, all salamanders, and permission to "own" at RP. So, after only about 20 minutes there, I had to leave, so I went to andrew's with brendan and jeffrey and it was rainy but we stood outside for hours nonetheless. then, jenny minnick came and played with us which was insanely awesome and... we talked to her for a while and once they she left and they all went inside, i departed. I then... ate dinner with my father at some sports bar and ate food i would normally hate but enjoyed a lot. And we talked about space and my sally project. and hes building part of this satellite thats going to pluto which i find to be illegally amounts of awesome. Then we went to his house and watched friends while i played with his puppy... fast forward to friday where i went on my college visit to udel. I know I talk about it a lot, but i loooved it and its definitely my top choice school. Even though the food tastes like bad and makes me feel like ill. However... I long to be a fightin blue hen. Long drives with my mom and john mayer are about half as bad as i expected so I am officially satisfied with my trip. EVEN THOUGH she asks way too many questions and interrupted every class on campus to do so. But, I mean, okay. We went into the art building too and OH BOY it was so exciting. there were these HUGE metal sculptures all over the building [three of which were huge renditions of the penny, nickel, and qquarter made out of liscense plates, trophies, car parts, and other big metal things] and I think i want to take a, you know, "big metal things made out of little metal things to make a sculpture type thing" class. on the way home, [the drive is bootyfull] we stopped at UMBC just to check the scenery and... it was empty. on a friday night! definitely a commuter school and not what i was looking for, we spent about 10 minutes there fishing for good qualities and left emptyhanded. On the way home, I slept. and then left home again to go to borders for about two hours. sad how all my time is spent either there or barnes and noble. I even had a dream last night I was in a book store, and found this awesomeeee book and now i wonder if it really exists but i have really no way of knowing, I doubt it. In the dream, I also made cheerios there, and I looked frantically for sugar but it was all used up and there were crayons in my cereal. I gave up looking for deeper meanings in my dreams, now they are just my sole form of visual entertainment. Anyway, after I spent a good long time there reading the last chapters of interesting looking books, knowing i wont buy them, I left and came back [and looked at this magazine for about ten minutes, it was about advertising and you know, artistic graphic... shit, it was awesome and made me think about college more.] Then... I went home and jeffrey called and I picked him up at ye olde greebelt and we went to blockbuster and KFC and then blockbuster again [we got rejected at the first one :[]. We then went to his house and watched them and they really weren't that good so I slept. Saturday morning, being yesterday, we ate a lot of toast, probably the whole bread loaf-worth, with butter and a continents-worht of cinnamon sugar, the kind that comes in the clown container, [i used to collect those containers, I had them all except the penguin, i dont know why my mom would never buy me that one and only the astronaut, every week] and then I went home and I saw the owners of Rakan, who are in town to help my neighbors move, and then my grandparents came over and coaxed me into going to dinner with them at Jaspers with some "friend" and that was really... sort of awkward, but thennn I went to meet up with jeffrey and andrew and christa and i almost ran over cat and i saw brian and then i was cold and I forget most of that, fast forward to me getting bit by the best puppy at the pet store and me contracting rabies and then to tea time with nate and amanda included in the picture and I bought pickles and fell down and then ate the pickles. blah blah blah, went to this kids house and watched jane austen work it and then went home. and that was my week in three days. you guys really arent obligated to care and may feel free to continue on to the juicier parts.

[entry "juicy parts" deleted by owner at 10:42 EST]
accupuncture is a jab well done.

SATAN! The party is over and you are not welcomed in our ginas.

this just in: the kitchen at re.max is fucking FLOODED with coffee. i need a sponge and someone to blame this on. I havent been back there since i made the coffee and i did everything right... its not like it overflowed because the coffee pot was empty. it was like someone just took the entire pot and spun it around over their head. either that or the coffee pot has some sort of invisible crack. AND to make it worse, someone obviously tried to clean it up but gave up after the second paper towel. right now, all i want is a sponge. :[

i also might add that english can fucking suck it because i cant do anything right to her anyway so theres really no reason for me to even try.

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wxxx Sunday, November 02, 2003

Your score: 263 keys per minute ~ 52 words per minute.

eventful past few days? thursday chick-fil-a and then jeffrey's house after work. friday am went to patuxent and matched salamanders for a few hours and did some RP shit. Went from there to the football game and... that happened. Went to jeffrey's for a bit and then planned to meet up with courtney so we could study at taco bell. then, ALL OF A SUDDEN [over the course of about ten minutes] my car, you know, thumped a bit. and then i found myself in the middle of jericho park road, [I DONT CARE if youve heard this story already] with no shoulder for me to play in, no left brake light, no street lights, and a barely charged cellphone. i fixed the tire along with the help of... you know, my mom and stange men that call her sometimes, calling her pussycat and the like. Afterwards, I played with my dad's puppy, and went to taco bell to get courtney some bean burritos to make up for the whole me-standing-her-up thing. took them to her, conversed with people in cars [i hate when parents drive their kids around to trick or treat] and then went home. upon arrival, i found mushroom pizza and crazy bread on my front table, and was soooo happy. courtney and i had bought each other dinner and i called her to say thank you and when we hung up we both said ill see you on the flip side at the same time and boy oh boy. I then slept and woke up for the SAt's the next morning being yesterday. I got to school and went in pretty confident and came out full of tootsie rolls. I flipped back to previous sections of the test numerous times. I... then went out to lunch with brandon, brendan, steve, and the like. At a bagel and then went... to take care of Max again. blah blah blah me me me. Forget what i did last night, but it didnt include rocky horror picture show as it should have. Work till five today, eating banana cake galore. I long for a million dollars and an eventful life outside of the one i have now.

i love it when people call asking for joe bryant and i forward their call without correcting them, her name being joann bryant. this amuses me, unfortunately.

"Oh, I am sorry. This table is reserved, sir. Maybe there is room for you and your party in the dumpster out back, or perhaps in the nearest wood–chipper?" -jwinoker, because someone has to do the stalking. [because this isnt awesome at all.]

comics @ redmeat

now, i dine with the likes of jeffrey and mr. jeffrey.

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wxxx Thursday, October 30, 2003

hello life.
today, after school, i played wiith a certain jeffrey and laura which was highly enjoyable, honestly. OH but before that this pretty lady came up and talked to me and there was OMEN written all over that situation. At safeway earlier, i ran into my mom, who said she was buying... marinated limbs or something, i was disturbed. I then devoured a lot of icecream and puppies named katie. dogs with people names shouldn't be so cute, because i want to sometimes be angry with them. IT IS HOT AS BAlls in here, and my eyes feel like being glued shut because of this, but unfortunatly they're here to stay. lastly, i am not attending the show tomorrow due to the SAT's following shortly after. I think its funny that a certain marjorie reads this and talks about my links and quotes me. sadly, i dont see her much, for one reason or many. this heat is like the smell/smoke that the girl skunk emits and pepe lepeu follows, because it mesmerizing and maks me fall asleep. luckily, no one noticed? was i even sleeping? uhhh. this is why i play harmonica. keep it real if you know what's good for you. yeah, i'm no stranger to rap music.

searching for "choose your own adventure" sent me to --ONE--TWO--THREE--FOUR--FIVE

OH! bought kids yesterday, written but not directed by harmony korine<3, so it shall be only half as good as gummo.

"goddamn kids nowadays, and their goddamn 'tech vests'" -hahq.

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wxxx Tuesday, October 28, 2003

another day at work. AWESOME. my pseudo boss and my boss yelled at me a little which translates to they are sacks of shit not worthy of my time. damn the man and the pseudo man. my ear is infected like whoa and its really gross, i'd rather just sit at home and play with tools, but this pesky infection just gets in the way. I think I should let it just close up and then pierce all of them again. my lobey things need a break from being adorned and thusly awesome. I think people should comment here with links so i can be entertained at work. I have an essay to write, but I'm not really feeling it, you know how i roll. This guy called me and tried to convince me that I had a cold, and then... hung up. He didn't have a question, or maybe he did and just forgot it in the rush, but that was fairly odd. newflash: in egypt, when a "noblewoman" died, they were given a few days to ripen so that the people embalming her wouldn't find her too attractive, heheh. last night i played with kim and briana in you know, the hood. WHAT!? I just recieved a call from parkdale high school saying my child was absent. kids are SO badass these days, giving out their number as re/max. Tonight is just a crazy night. sometimes, i wish that skin was an organ that you could transplant and donate. I would partake in all of the above. I stayed after for amnesty international. It's not really the atmosphere i was looking for for some reason but i am all for the cause. however, adam yarian, being convinced I am a republican is convinced i don't belong there. I really don't know what i am politically. i... like coldplay and people who stand up for shit. I am addicted to grouphug and and bitter films and creature in my head and baconfinger. annnd. theyre what keep me online. they never end. I think that film festivals should have a yearly compilation of their.... entries? on tape. I would watch them and become addicted. honestly. At BTC, there was another robbery today which involved police and guns in excess. bowie is sooo one step down from the hood. i will be a creative genius one day because of this. why didn't i do my essay? i hate it that my work times are changing. however, there's a new chick here which is rather bothersome. I bounced a check last week somehow. today irks me and should take two steps backwards and one step forward, if ye catch me. my mentor is really much too kind to me. she's basically handing me my RP paper, yet I still manage to fail it. BUH. Tonight i compile a shower of gifts for jeffrey <3<3/ i was a dick to everyone today, mainly him, and I am sorry. but honestly, I haven't done homework in the past two weeks and the stress is really getting to me.

shameless plug for my guest appearance on jesse's thingy. miao. :]

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wxxx Sunday, October 26, 2003

hehehe!!!!! spinach. [not sure whoi've told buy my piggy is ill and needs his teeth cut. appearantly, his incisors are growing into his brain. i imagine this feels awesome. <3onree.
"Pack a vest for your jimmy" -rap
"there's a 22 automatic on my person" XXXBBBRRRUUTALE: [im french[]

been alone at the office for the past 4 hours, which is better than having to work. havnt recieved really any phone calls since the moment i got in. today = the first day im not grounded. last night = knee slapping goodtime at year of the rabbit. got my book from barnes and noble, saw brian and his girlthing. today sitting for 8 hours, wasting it by crosswording and SAT "practice", watching old men come down the chiropractor stairs picking their nose. no lunch or money so im eating pretzels that taste like seafood. not really in the mood to care about your wellbeing or anything. cheesecake is fucking disgusting and... thats about it. 3 more hours doesnt seem so bad. afterwards, hopefully playing with courtney if she remembers. this week is going to be kind of crazy what with anniversaries and kim and clubs and work and SATs and halloween.

`er, down with the cause. i hope tonight isnt shit. reading omnibus makes me want to be famousin a cometbus kind of way. i expect too much out of college.

i reallllllly like people that love their dogs. i.e. me, steve, jesse. what?waht?

anteater puppy zebra thing...

stolen from innocentsinner.com

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wxxx Wednesday, October 22, 2003

estranger: i used to date a deaf girl
estranger: deaf people are loud in bed
knowing this disturbs me. :/

today, i drove briana and kim home and we had adventures inclusive of... i forgt, and then i came home and got high by sniffing the walls [just kidding, mom :)]. and then i went to mcdonalds where the dumb headphones lady spilled my drink on me when she handed it to me in my car. the top wasnt on good. so... that was awesome. and she gave me a box of potato...


"jesus told me you were ugly when i confessed yesterday"

at my work, we always have to spell codes over the phone. and... i think its funny when people say "B as in billionaire, G as in gold, and T as in teef." Aw man i just gave you the code fo 1642 London La... nothing. [why must you fit into your stereotype?]

my mom just came in.
"quick! hide the fat people"
-my brain

uhhhh, really i dont feel like this anymore.

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wxxx Tuesday, October 21, 2003

around the world in nine times NINE [minus 1] MM!

so late last night i came to the conclusion that i just HAD to know where all my old kidfriends went off to. there are two i had in mind, being.... jaci and colleen. so i stalked around a bit and found out the screename of jaci and this is her profile. "hey! profiles r gay but i know all u fagets r tryin to read mine. so wadup! nothin else to say so holla" i promptly c.lawed at my eyes and then found out that colleen is a genius soccer player. ::sigh of relief:: really, i just wanted to show you jaci's profile. i'm sorry world, but yet another set of great tits eyes? has succumbed to the perils of marijuana cigarettes and rappappamatama music.

i am honestly out of it today, and no, im not just saying that as an excuse for my lame sense of humor.

today, ashleigh tried to eat various parts of my body with chopsticks in between classes... pretend im not being dirty... okay, now pretend i am.

i drove zach home. ah, the good ol days and his OTHER parties and forensics and whatever other lame memories i have wih him. im just kidding. those days weren't of the good ol variety. but they were better in that people were a little more. you know, innocent. quasirelated bottom line being: i am SO glad im not going to canada. so so so so so so glad.

love how "diverse" my school is. oh it's so C-C-C-C-C-C-Controversial.
on the subject, i've come to a genius observation on the separation of church and state.
black people dance with their hands, and white people dance with their feet.
ever notice how linedancers always have their hands in their pockets?
and then there are those pesky ravers getting in the way.
::ties hands in knots in attempt to demonstrate::
and here i was, throwin my 'bows all this time.

what, still trying to understand my church and state reference?

uhm, i'm exhausturd. stuff happened today.

party in my bed and i'm invited. rsvp asap unicef fafsa naacp aspca kthxbye!
some of you might've overlooked that, denoting it as gibberish.


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wxxx Monday, October 20, 2003

pictures of kimmie+me's hot steaming pile of date go here.

i intercepted gummo at video warehouse and they gave it to me in a porn bag and everything. cashier was sorting through piles and PILES of porn and i really just couldn't help staring. also, the pornpatrol says you cant buy porn until you're 21. whats the dill? i thought it was 18... :[

"dude, my mom started crying because she thinks im gay now... it owns." =ohhh, best story.

today i proved my ability to rule the world by 98ing it up on a japanese quiz and making the grade in economics. i love those subjects a lot and yes, i will marry them.

Sharkey: Why is it whenever I hear the phrase 'Battered Women' I think of fried food?

tatclass: er.
tatclass: hi.
andycode: A common typo.
tatclass: the keys are like right next to each other

xterm: The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

gonzagakrieg: lets play Pong
infultr8: Ok.
gonzagakrieg: | .
infultr8: . |
gonzagakrieg: | .
infultr8: . |
gonzagakrieg: | .
infultr8: | .
infultr8: Whoops

kidkidkid: i beat the internet
kidkidkid: the end guy was hard.

people really could not make me laugh more. honestly.

today, this brute who sits next to me in japanese asked me to kill him, and i immediately obliged with a smile. because honestly, i cant stand the guy. he then proceeded to give me some shit about how he really wanted me to just kick him in the face. psh, some people.

For 75 cents extra, customers can buy a set of wheels for easy transportation of their "Venti" (extra-large) Frappucino.

i really do love it when sara, or anyone for that matter, randomly IM's me with a link like this. really, it makes me dedicate more of my heart to her and less of it to you. she tops the charts with my entire left aorta. sorry guys, you're going to have to try harder.

cant wait until i get paid and can purchase my microcosm shit. <3wednesday.

tomorrow i will bust a cap and gown on myself. this thrills me about as much as... uhhh. you know... autism? i tried.

"sir? the code for 1736 kembridge avenue is G as in goat L as in library and A as in something that begins with A."
"rough night?"
"you bet"
-convo with agent.

link --- second row down, first column = jeffrey and i metaphorically. <3

time to roll out.
...and i leave you with a story and bazooka joe quote...and some other shit [i will not major in table of contents']:
"at my school.. the cop from DARE passed around 3 joints to show everyone... and he said "if i dont get all three of these back this schools getting locked down and everyones getting searched till i find it.." and like 30 minutes later when everyone got to see 'em and they got passed back the cop had 4"

"Mary had a little lamb … and a side order of fries"

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wxxx Saturday, October 18, 2003

"Gumby isn't even anatomically correct, there's nothing to grope."

i am feeling rather hopeless about the next 6 hours of my life. but... it's okay for nowza. Sometimes i pretend i have money and want to buy everything online like timmy's parents. Fairlyoddpareentsd12

there are seven deadly sins and we're just one of them

cafe, ebay, and d$g make my pockets wish they were just a little more swole.
i ordered the vhs version of gummo at that porn place in beltsville. oh boy i cant wait for them to call me back. oh boy oh boy oh boy!

i wish i were on a roller coaster right now. that would make my work day a little more tolerable. i am just waiting to pass out from clinical exhaustion. time would go faster.

Yesterday, courtney and I went to DC, i was pretty out of it for many reasons, but we still had fun, she's really the smartest person I know and can tell me something about anything. i enjoy her company. We went to a few art museums with collages and saw romare bearden at the modern art museum. He was good and his art was all deep and meaningful and showed a lot more effort/talent, but there was this one little gallery of this guy, jack pierson, i thought was hip and his collages were a lot prettier. Courtney and I went to fuddruckers and took pictures of hands and were mad tourists and stalked homeless people and it was really a lot of fun, i just wish i was in a better mood.

I have an english essay[squattergirlsdoitwithcrowbars] to write and this excites me less than... pleated lampshades? my computer just froze and everything died except for this one page.

I watched this puppet show on TV this morning about... jesus? and I was far from inspired. also, im not one to gossip, but that guy could use some advice for sherry lewis. I mean, what?

FREE CANDY from mortgage companies is sketchy. really.

given the choice, i have no preference between sex and a root canal.

Chap Stick makes my cigarettes wet. Not all of my cigarettes; only the ones I put in my mouth.......................................steve...........heck

THIS IS LITERALLY AMAZING AND... it doesnt feel like coffee grounds

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wxxx Thursday, October 16, 2003

so, in conclusion, im sorry this entry was so long and awesome, but i must end it now.

and now the worst week in the history of man comes to an end.

the other day i got a fortune cookie and the paper... prediction... i honestly can;t think of the word... FORTUNE! had a typo in it. someone should really look into this. it makes me not believe that "tomorow will be better". seriously the saddest moment.

so i've "narrowed down" my college list to about 30 schools. I started with maybe 6. University of Delaware is turning into one of the best fits. It seems so hard to get in but princetonreview says its a safety school. That is beyond thrilling. commence sicing of the head.

me and courtney have an extensive date tomorrow. oh I am so excited. We're going to trot around DC and see the collage exhibit somewhere.

bEST seminar title ever:
"Modeling of Thin-layer Fluid Mechanics: I'd Rather Watch the Pain Dry"

i keep calling sirs ma'ams. maybe im a feminist. deep deep down in my manloving heart.

only 30 more minutes of MANhate. man being capitalized as a reference to THE MAN. i just found it contradicting and in need of an explanation because of the previous statement containing "manloving" i. i'm sorry, really.

UD is a lot like JMU but 10x better. There is seriously so much to do there, the even have an escort service [for all the right reasons]. i will apply to both, however.

I'd like to begin this "B-log" with saying. My friends are beyond awesone, but I really don't like the meshing thats occuring. I just can;t help this.

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wxxx Saturday, October 11, 2003

so, this woman calls and is all "yo, i wanna look at this house, can you give me the address?" and im all "no i cant, because i need the address from you" and she was all "are you all an illegitimate business?" and i'm all, "yes" and then i was reminded that i was an illigitimate child and was all like SLAM on the phone and hung up on her for being so rude and bringing up painful subjects.

on my way to work, i saw seven smashed pumpkins and a dead raccoon in the middle of the road. this must mean i live in the hood. word. <3bowie<3

excuses i could make for being a half hour late to work today:
[THERE iS NO EXCUSE FOR tARDINESS -the employee manual] damn.

three minutes left of breakfast at mcdonalds. i would kill many third world country children for an egg mc muffin.

Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew knows history because his family lived it!

i ate about 7 pieces of big red last night, and my mouth is now raw and a few layers of my tongue have burned away. OMGAWESOME!!! [i am currently eating another piece, and oh lord, do i not recommend this. this is the most unhealthy addiction ever.] the fact that i swallow it makes me just THAT much more hardcore.

speaking of last night. i brought chad to aloniz. aaron, nate, and kelly were all sorts of hilarious and i adore them. after the show we went to wendys to see ash and jane and eire and others were there. but before that james pushed a tv of andrew's car. it exploded and you could hear the ripping of the ozone layer behind the sparks. it was truly a cliffhanger. and then james seemed sad. and i felt bad so after a while, i drove them all home. and... chad and i had a DEEP conversation [ha!] about veganism and how, excuse my french, lame it is, unless its for a few select reasons that only i control.

my favorite part of aloniz being: hating kyle benson, nate's ballet thingy, the change your choice thingy kelly was in, and corey being fat. I said astronaut was a blue collar job, which was not a good idea. I really did not like the game where there was a queen and. yeah. i didnt understand the slideshow thing oneeee bit. well i sort of think that i do.

i really do love it when people wear perfume to come here and then walk by me. they cover up of the smell of my ass and fill my nose with good things.

ohh! and james gave me two origami books and i think im going to make anna something hip out of paper. i think ill also get her... something... like a magazine from barnes and noble with pictures in it. i dont really know what she likes besides fotography. you dont care.

i hate it when people call me for directions and then spend ten minutes with me discussing landmarks and numbered roads and they just get all confused in my grill and then i light the charcoal. hehehehehe, what.?

hey, let's jive talk!

headline @farQ= Woman survives 13 hours bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico, swims to oil platform. Survives on moldy bread, finds spraycans and paints SOS on deck. She'll be over to kick your ass and fix your truck at 7:00

if your a hemophiliac, a good way to pass the time is by juggling razor blades and chainsaws -jumpingm

tonight = anna's party. wee! only 6 more hours of work.

dude! dont call me at 1130 if you're on drugs. because you wont remember a thing and you're wasting my goddamn minutes. and if your hamsters ever die, please tell me! i hate being left in the dark about shit like that.

fucking agents giving me the number to fucking 84 lumber and not their company. i fucking hate these tricksters. do i LOOK like pizza hut? i dont even have a red roof. wait, people dont give pizza hut wrong numbers, they give out their number. HUH!

"Any references to sexual activities we engaged in will be disguised as martial arts maneuvers or maybe wrestling holds. I won't say Maddie was the first girl I ever French kissed, I'll say something to the effect of, "Chuck Norris kicked me so hard in the mouth I had to have my jaw wired shut." -article from mcsweet! ROCK!

um. 5 more hours left. awesome how it takes me hours and hours and hours to write in this. ill probably come crawling back for more, and so will you. my life is a cliche.

i havent washed my hair in 5 days. i think tonight's the night. i could not feel dirtier. i really would like to invest in a wig. people would probably be stupid about it though. but, on the bright side, i COULD have two personalities. va va voom.

sometimes, i paint my nails at red lights. i think this is a pretty ingenius idea.

4 hours left. OMG then i get to go partee!!!!

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wxxx Wednesday, October 08, 2003

yikes. so i missed out on ANIME DRAWING funtime tea parties after school so i could cruise around town with my puppy and i picked up all the chicks with that thing, no lie. dogs really help out with the ladies.

what's with people ignoring me tonight? not a fan of this behavior. it must come to a halt.

i don't really remember much about the past few days except that i went to marj's yesterday and ate cheerios. we discussed how many important issues such as guillotine bagel slicers and... well, black squirrels. i really don't remember what we talked about actually and it hurts my brain to think about it too hard. so let's refrain, shall we? in conclusion, me and her = bosom buddies with a lot of underlines under bosom, because that's the most important part of the phrase.

money hungry fascist bastards took 60 bucks out of my paycheck for prince george and other various unimportant things. woe is me. prince george had better leave me a hefty sum in his will or i will... dig open his grave and slap him in the face and then cover his grave back up again. with something grosser than dirt.

"anal sex really is no laughing matter" -hehe!

"you are the most disgusting looking accident your mother ever made."

um... i really wish i could remember things. in japanese, we watched big bird in japan and the guy inside the barkley costume is really amazingly doglike and i bet his back hurts after a long day in the office. did you know that sesame street was in new york? sometimes i hear stuff like this and try reaaaal hard to remember in case im ever offered a million dollars for knowing. no lie, i really do. I don't want anything standing in between me and da cash flow.

[reason number 29836 i love japan]
nd here's reason #29837 - OMGOMGOMGtheyfoundnemo

someone explain this to me. i dig it but i dont know why.

[your DWI is tip enough]

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wxxx Monday, October 06, 2003

if you ever make a friend named Nick Hall, don’t shove him in coin slots, because he’s not currency! {Em...ily... Hall???}

my head is killing me and i am not in the mood to be here. hopefully steve will call me tonight and i will plaayay. he doesnt get off until nine though. however, today I woke up with a puppy on my head and maybe that's why it hurts so much now. I went shopping with my mom but fell asleep in the car and missed out on half the fun. I woke up with red splotchies on me and that was weird. At BJ's, we looked for a DVD player, but no one knew how to help us so we didn't get one. We also went to best buy and my mom got the john mayer cd and i got the Used dvd/cd [they didnt havethe one i planned on purchasing], however, my cd player hasn't been working in the past 24 hours which is far from a good thing. I wish at least one thing in my house would work so I could pretend to be modern and not a caveman. ::drags broad around by hair::

I think that certain people should stalk me so I don't feel so one-sided and creepy. So, go ahead, make my day.

I really enjoy the value of the paycheck I'm going to receive on wednesday. I'm figuring out that most of the money i give my mom comes back to me anyway, so, i'm not as bummed about the 1500 dollar debt i've found myself in. Plus, with her new job, we're not really hurtin' for money, she's just trying to teach me a lesson.

I'm up to my scalp in econ homework.
i would rather play addams family on nes.

this isn't funny, don't laugh:
If you lose weight by eating hoagies, it's probably a good thing that you STOPPED EATING FUCKING CARS.

I really can't think of anything else that's going on, but I am pleasantly surprised at how fast time seems to be moving. Cat is pretty and talking to me and she has bleach in her eye. I'm really out of it today.

mamboboy[girl?] - like's to be called "nigga" in bed and demands to have any kind of metal XcoreX playing in the background. all round wishful thinker
meow? did somebody call?

honestly, _____

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wxxx Sunday, October 05, 2003

okay, so, just got back from a night in bowie, being the best kind of night. but, first, i woke up. so let's start from the beginning shall we?

i woke up.

so then i lounged around for a spin and baked some nasty hairy ass cinnamon rolls. then i went grocery shopping. this took me two hours seeing as how i looove the grocery store and although there were about 25 things for me to get, i ended up with two cartsful of foodstuffs. not really, but speaking of my cart, it only had three wheels which gave me about a square root of the original fun anticipated. then... i went to deliver people newspapers because they are ungrateful pompous cunts that are absolutely unecessary. well, really, i gave this one lady a paper, who had called to complain she didnt get it last week, sp i drove to her house and she was outside so i gave her the paper and she just put it in the recycling bin at the end of her driveway, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. i took it out of the recycling bin and proceeded to bash her head in with it and then paper cutted her throat with it until she died. not really, but... i lie a lot in this thing. then, i took some groceries to these old people who were sick and they said thank you and let me pet their puppy and talked to me about hospitals a lot. then, iiii left, and on the way home i think i saw rob from upon our final breath but im really not sure. iiiii then came home and tried for about 2 hours to remove the virus on my computer and fix my camera but neither pulled through for me and so i recovered by watching a lifetime movie. i also changed my meices cage.

fast forward to something more eventful.
kenny and steve called and said hi and i went to play and i like steve's puppy thing because it looks at me and follows me. and and. then we went to this kid's house and ummm. proceeded to do perfectly legal things like bake cakes and blow shit up. kenny threw an orange at steve's face. and then i put on a black vinyl cat suit and ran myself over numerous times with a car. one of the kids at this other kids house could play coldplay on the piano. it was scene. then i came home. and talked to zea and we laughed, we cried, we made merry.

SaraforJesus: i miss you
sara should not be sad and should come home and play with me and no one else.

last night, i did stuff that was fun. but i honestly forget what. marj and kelly were there.<3

i long for someone to go to the renaisnaiencecienasince festival with me. someone should also make bob barker slash i'm in the audience of the price is right shirts with me/go to u street with me. and to watch the basquiat movie with me and gummo again and again and again. anddd. to take photographs of pretty things with me in a pretty place. eh? any takers?and also for kelly to go yardsaling with me. yardsailing sounds fun to. i can be nautical as fuck given the chance and a walky talky. if i had a sailboat, it would have a plank. what am i talking about? i would also like a hammock, a real one that you tie to trees thats all foreign and comfortable. not like the ones in gilligans island though. those had sweatshop written all over them.

tomorrow, i am on a quest to buy this punk rock cd that everyone's just raving about. i like buying cds without having listened to any of the band's stuff. its such a rush man. you should definitely try it.

also, ixnay on canada, that's no place for a kid like me. i can invent my own adventures without shelling out 450 dollars to watch people be naked and drunk and i hate cold weather anyway. this winter vacation calls for something a little more... awesome.

i really need new people in my life.

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wxxx Saturday, October 04, 2003

i come with k's and glocks ready to spray the block.

When consoling someone whose loved one is dying of a disease, don't tell them it's just God taking out the trash.

--liposuction stole my virginity---

oh boy. so thursday night, courtney and jason came to visit me at work and I bored them to death for an hour until i got off and then courtney and i went out for mushroom pizza and last week she surprised me at work and took me out to burger king and gave me presents and she's the nicest of all. no competition.

yesterday I went to school. I don't remember anything that happened. But after school, jeffrey and I went to town center to visit brian. I saw cat there, and she was nice and I miss her sooo much. We then went to taco bell and potato things. and i cant remember what else, it's too early. but then a huge fiasco occured and I did something really stupid and my boss left me a strongly worded letter, not really all that strongly worded, but anyway, i lent my key to this guy and i came back to get it last night and the girl had closed at 7 instead of 8 and i was sad, but im just now realizing that the door for the janitor was probably open. but i guess i will never know. well, anyway. jeffrey and I went to coffee house at school and i think it was a lot better than previous coffee houses. I guess that mrs moore had low standards or something, because all the bands were really good. I wish jesse had played though. speaking of jesse, he's awesome for getting me vanana juice, which tastes like... banana now and laters, and is really sickeningly sweet. lesson being, don't ever try new things. at the coffee house, i saw tre and angie and madeleineine and peter and people who i've never seen before or not in a long time anyway. however, after that, anna, kenny, and everntually steve and I went to another coffee house in college park. it was just these two guys playing all night but they were really good. they played fake plastic trees by radiohead and a lot of stuff that sounded like coldplay. It was pretty and today's anna's birthday. sweeeet. I was supposed to wait for james, jeffrey, andrew, lauren, but it got late and i decided to keave, so I didn't get to see jeffrey before he left for new york but that's alright. so, tonight, I plan on getting a lot of sleep, after 7.5 more hours of work. knee deep in nutrition and 73 dollar library fines.

I have to make a bunch of relay calls... being calls to deaf people. crazy.

[The best ideas always start with a loaded gun.]

bottles spun us to bed. and bitter kisses beat us to sleep. and you can be sure. i'll be leaving. half as fast as i came

the song is "rather touch than talk" by kid gorgeous. now let's talk business.

i could not be having a better time. really, this is the way it should never be done. kenny invited me to the mewithoutyou.converge show but we dont have tickets or a rid.e it is tomorrow night.

shut up or i'll nail yr other foot to the floor.
[==this weekend had better fucking own.==]

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wxxx Thursday, October 02, 2003

just one note from the song she
wrote could make me slit my throat

today i got good grades.
after school, i managed to steal kim away and go to cp with her and ate bubble tea. i had never had it before. it tasted like strawberry milk except with black eyeball things in it. it was... interesting. we read japanese girly magazines and boy, are asians hot or what. then we found a dome and inside was free laser tag and we saw john gordon standing outside and some kid wanted us to play but i had to be at work by 5 [i was four minutes late]. then we ran around and went home. but boy was it exciting.

today at school, i had a math exam and i got a lot wrong but i stood there while my teacher graded it and he talked to me about what i did wrong [everything] and i said i understood so he marked them right. i don't know what i got though.

norma jean on the 31st? i dont really feel like being an idiot, so i dont think i'll go. free candy wins my vote. they put on an awesome show though. mewithoutyou is playing with converge? awesome how i try to care about shows. i mean, i've seen the brothers, who else is there, really?

im starving.

earlier this week, kelly cahill talked about hurricane names. awesomely, my hurricane comes before hers. really, it's not that interesting.

so i put some of my writing into this thing that can supposedly tell if you're a male or female, and they said i was male.

yesterday, mary wilson and i had a riving conversation about eddie izzard, and i want to see the dvd badly.

sometimes, news headlines are funnier than. news. see example 1.1.
--Man ordered to pay for canine abortion after his mutt gives neighbor's dog a bone

random tip from jumpingmens.
--When faced with an imposing water type pokemon, select a powerful electric type pokemon to defeat it.
--Stuffing your pants with a roll of quarters not only provides the illusion of big penis. It also serves as a last-minute solution to a toll booth!
--Count backwards from 10. See? Don't you feel better? I still hope you fucking die.
--Can't afford contacts? Use a permanent marker to color your cornea. The insurance company will let you pick any color glass eye you want!
[i waste a lot of time at work]

chloroform is a fantastic aphrodesiac. no lie

you put the "cute" back in persecution!

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wxxx Tuesday, September 30, 2003

friendster.com is so lame that i like it.
so this chick with a bad tooth job and america sprawled across her chest came in, pathetically out of breath and inquired me if i had an envelope and a pen. then she proceeded to run out the room and up the stairs into oblivion, meaning i have no idea what's up there. as she approached the door, she said, "don't worry, i'll be back, and i'll return your pen," i said it was fine. She then looked back at me and grinned a... nervewracking smile that would have chimed and sparkled if she had remembered to brush her teeth this morning and/or any one morning in the past twelve years. she has yet to return.

the pen quota is running shamefully low and i think that i should notify the authorities.

sometimes, things happen that make little sense, but just enough that i can laugh about it without wondering if im saneless.

today, drew callahan ran over an apple with his car and it was a lot more magical than you'd originally think.

"I've got a face like a limp handshake and hair like an accident"

woman called named Flavia Head, life has improved by two units of awesome.

i lovvvve welfare cheese.

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wxxx Monday, September 29, 2003

www.tubgirl.com. i have yet to see this site considering i'm at work, but i imagine i will lose a few faithful customers after posting that link. oh boy is that exciting.

now, you may recover here. because james is awesome and talks about the band we saw on tuesday.

this weekend i saw kenny and steve and kelly and marjorie and LAURIE and ... other people that probabl...oh, and courtney. <3 festival was semiawesome and semi not. i bought a bracelet and some COASTERS made of newspaper. and i talked to a lot of people, some with dogs. and i rather enjoyed it until i passed out at home which was uneventful until marjorie called and boy did i ever snap out of it then. so marjorie and sarah? and i checked out [past tense of checked isn't chooked, is it?] some deformed birds and kelly cahill's ice cream cart. courtney visited shortly, steve entered stage right [literally] and that was pretty much the end of that. laurie gave me free french fries and cotton candy, and for this, among other X rated things, i adore her.

today, my japanese quiz consisted of my teacher asking me if i liked dog poop flavored ice cream or not. i had to answer in japanese. i answered wrong. not because i said it wrong, but because i didnt say i hated it.

tonight, luckily, i am playing with certain kinsfolk whom i rather enjoy, contrary to former popular beliefs. however, kosher is as kosher does. meaning, everything's fine.

i need new friends. no lie.
PS, this is the last entry thing before i change my assred... address. really that was an accident but im not going to erase it.

new address being= i have no idea yet.
dude, word.

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wxxx Saturday, September 27, 2003

crucial unit is hil to the arious. im really just amused easily when im here.
for obvious reasons. anyway.

fuck electrons
we like protons because they're positive

.. - ... .- ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. -. --. - .. -- . -- .- -.-. .... .. -. .
(morse code for "It's a Fucking Time Machine")


there's an agent running around the office chanting "emily's my favorite," and i haven't even shown her my sword swallowing skills yet. she said i was sweet. i think she hates me.

give the world a hug; nuke the south.

speak yr peace...

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last night, we saw a movie an it took place in japan, and it siced my head up. i cant wait, i hope the school is letting us go still. the movie was lost in transition. im not a fan of bill murrays lumpy face and the movie made fun of japanese people a little. but it was alright. the plot sucked. but seeing japan was hip. :]

then we met up with everyone at generous joe's and then i went to courtney's and we... watched virgin suicides. and i dont think i stayed awake for the whole thing. i just know that everyone died. is that the end? someone tell me.

woke up at 730 and then went home and then went here. and its empty [sounding] which means that this place is so boring, everyone went to sleep. the speakers are broken and this is tragic because i was looking forward to listening to ani and ana. oh well, i wish someone was here to play clue with me. i think i like that game best out of all board games. my favorite used to be guess who. and then it was scrabble. but i have a mad jonesin to play some clue. i could play scrabble online if this computer werent such a piece of shit. hwever, i shouldnt complain, my computer at home has a terminal illness.

im tryna head up to U st. tomorrow. who's with me? anyone?
oh no wait. tomorrow's sand art. i guess i'll go next weekend.

im thrilled about this new restaurant taking place of welcome house [my old job] its not coming until 2004 though. but oh boy. something beSIDES antiques. laurie, if you're around in internetland, are you coming up tomorrow? ill buy some cowbutt sammiches from you if you do. and stare at you and point from afar. oh, how i miss you.

If you're a cowboy and you're dragging a guy behind your horse, I bet it would really make you mad if you looked back and the guy was reading a magazine.
- Jack Handey

things that annoy me today, and probably will comtinue to do so tomorrow, but the day after that, i'll probably be over them:
--"clever" remixes of the "if life gives you lemons" proverb.
--people calling pete burns' plastic surgery a mistake.
--the fact that hulud is "parting ways," actually, i'm already over that. theyve been broken up forever.

nuclear waste! now i only have to go .5 miles to get cancer, but really, everything gives you cancer, like the red sox, nay?
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i think im going to change the address to this site.
for those of you that care, IM me or whatever, and
I'll give you the name.

NEW ADDRESS!!!!! ::: ylim33.blogspot.com ::: y'heard?

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wxxx Friday, September 26, 2003


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oh boy do i enjoy courtney's company, and lauren's love letters, which i showed to everyone due to excess of puppies. :] tonight i see some new movie that i dont reamember the name except it have an L and maybe a T in it. and i have... one hour left in work and i should be reading some lame wuthering heights book, but I'd rather not. and tonight i am going to play with courtney and watch foreign flicks, because everyone knows how much i lovvvve foreigners. and how much foreigners love Uturns because they never know where theyre going and i bet they cant even read the signs because they are soooo out of the loop. except for the foreign kid that helped me with my econ homework today, whom i thank immensely and would like to congratulate for not fitting into the stereotype of lost foreigners. back to the movie situation. old greenbelt theater, 730, here i come. I'm all about trying to listen to a cd right now and thats not working out because this lame computer is too busy looking pretty and doesn't have time to work good. tonight, courtney is attending a temple. this is exciting for me to know. Tomorrow I work from 9 to 5 and due to extreme boredom, i promise i will post better things than this. I'm reading this book, and there's a character named Orron Boyle, and this reminds me of erin boyle, [whch it should] and she drew me a puppy to put on my wall once and i did. Kim is pretty and I like driving in cars with here and i like it when she lets me wear her clothes because shes fashionable and i would like to wear her clothes always, mainly beause that would mean that she would have none to wear herself. teehee. she's pretty

"kitties have funny dookies" -her

so, in conclusion. its only been eight minutes since i started this and i only do this to take up time and its obviously serving some other purpose, like sucking, and not. what I intended for it to do.

I go to courtneys website thingy a lot to check up on her status, but it never loads and adds new entries on, and this makes me way sad. maybe she's undercover. she likes the spy museum like me. she works for my mom and i play with her while she does so so she doesnt have to talk to my mom. now kim and lee and lauren want to work there. atolamento! they obviously have never met my mom.

in astronomy, jesse and i drew comics, and that kid is soooo funny and and. and. he's my partner and thats exciting.

mary wilson said she liked me. :]
in RP, I got a grade for drawing a puppy. we made it on computers. easiest class ever.

im getting my rp data on the 12 and 13th of october now, my mentor rescheduled, for those of you who I told that i was too busy for.

PS come to my neighborhoods festival tihng on sunday. weee! sand art!

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